Continental Water Dispenser 6.5 Litre

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About this item

  • ALL ROUNDER FOR MODERN HOMES : If you are looking for a water dispenser that lets you carry large amounts of water outdoors, then the Signoraware’s continental water dispenser is ideal for you. Having a storage capacity of 6.5 Litres, this water dispenser is adequate for a family's consumption. You can also easily carry it along while going to picnics or camping. While pouring water, the back grip of the dispenser ensures that it does not slip off from your hands. Safe and Efficient Water Storage To keep your water safe and contamination free, As this water dispenser comes with a tap, you can also easily dispense water in a glass or a jug. Additionally, the detachable design of the tap allows you to easily clean the dispenser.
  • DRINK SAFE & STAY HEALTHY : Signoraware continental water dispenser is BPA Free & smartly designed to help you in every step towards healthy living. This dispenser comes in a semi-rectangular shape with an airtight lid on top. The lid does not let air or dust enter into the water storage segment, so water remains clean, clear and free from contamination or bacteria. It has the capacity to store 6.5L water, which makes it suitable for a regular size family. The airtight water dispenser is a one-stop solution for drinking healthy water.
  • EASY-TO-USE TRANSPARENT WATER DISPENSER : The transparent plastic water dispenser comes with a tap so that even children can access the water if you are not around. When the water level is low, you can know by looking at the see-through leak-proof plastic body and fill it with water again. You can keep it in your kitchen or carry it with you while going for a tour.
  • CARE INSTRUCTION : Monthly twice clean the dispenser by scrubbing inside with soft cotton or a cloth. Please do not use scrubber to keep the dispenser safe from unwanted scratches.

From the manufacturer


Continental Water Dispenser

SignoraWare brings Water Dispenser which is perfect for storing water and other beverages such as cold drinks, juices, iced tea, etc. The dispenser is perfect to be used in modern homes or offices. It can be used indoors and outdoors too like for picnics and trips. Made from food grade materials, SignoraWare Water Dispenser is completely safe to use. The product is very useful, maintains its durability and is an all rounder to store any kind of liquid contents. So, what's the wait then? Have this water dispenser and quench any type of thirst.


Food Grade Material

The Water Dispenser is made of very high quality food grade materials. The dispenser is of plastic but the type of plastic which is used here is free from BPA and other harmful contaminants. Therefore, it's non-toxic and has no health hazards, making it purely food grade and safe to use.


Accessible Lid

The lid of this water dispenser is also food grade BPA free virgin plastic. Also, it is accessible enough to refill easily. The lid can be opened and closed with an ease. Refilling of the liquid contents is convenient because of its accessible lid. Moreover, it allows air to enter for a steady flow of liquid.


Silicon Ring Tap

The Water Dispenser comes with a tap which is of superior quality. First of all, it's food grade so it won't leach into the beverage. Secondly, it has a silicon ring attached to it. The silicon ring is equipped enough to ensure zero leakage. The tap is designed in a way that it will cause no spilling of the liquids.



Versatile Use

The Water Dispenser is obviously used for storing water but it definitely has multi uses. It is totally fit for storing other beverages too such as juices, cold drinks, iced tea, etc. Perfect for keeping any liquid content, it ensures its versatility. The dispenser can hold any liquid and can quench any amount of thirst.



SignoraWare Water Dispenser is very durable, tough and sturdy. The material used in its making is of premium quality making it unbreakable. Also, it is corrosion free. Because of the high quality materials it is rust resistant. Durability is the key here and it will definitely maintain its longetivity.


Wide Mouth

The Water Dispenser has a wide mouth which makes sure easy refilling and easy cleaning. As mentioned above, its accessible lid makes refilling convenient; the wide mouth of the container too facilitates refilling. Moreoever, it also ensures no mess while cleaning making its maintenance super easy.